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Faceter ico评论

Faceter ico评论

Faceter表示,当产品被投入使用时,消费者将被收取每一相机、每月9.99美元的费用。企业和政府的长期合同也将采取每月收费的形式。该公司希望能与监控摄像头制造商建立紧密的联系,并推出嵌入专用优化芯片的产品。据该公司称,收入将取决于ICO的结果。 Faceter, the first facial recognition surveillance technology built on the blockchain, has announced the details of its initial coin offering (ICO): a presale starts Feb 1, with a crowdsale running March 10 to April 30 2018.. Faceter uses a fog network of miners to analyze video content in real time and evaluate faces, objects and events. Fog architecture is employed as a decentralized The Faceter ICO presale broke records yesterday when it managed to raise over $10 million in just 20 seconds. This is unprecedented movement for a pre-ICO, especially considering many ICO startups don't take off at all. Faceter wants to be the first decentralized surveillance system for consumers. Faceter is a user friendly interface that can connect to existing CCTV infrastructure. Users have the flexibility to add just the cameras they want or all of them with simple step by step instructions and online support. Our open API, digital smart AI solution allows smart homes to connect their technology as well.

Faceter ICO FACE details, token price, white paper, risk info, technical analysis, team, start and end dates, structure of tokens and bounty, exchanges. All information about Faceter ICO

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Faceter的去中心化监控技术通过让用户即时检测脸部、物体和分析视频馈送,“为相机提供大脑”。 Faceter声称自己是世界上第一个提供此类服务的

Faceter的去中心化监控技术通过让用户即时检测脸部、物体和分析视频馈送,"为相机提供大脑"。 Faceter声称自己是世界上第一个提供此类服务的


2018-03-11 - 简书 2018-03-11. 个人整理的近百个还在进行的区块链项目,各种空投,糖果,慢慢撸,撸了不一定有,不撸一定没有!. 必备工具: 1.以太坊钱包。如imToken等. 2.电报软件Telegram,或者币用APP。前者需要梯 … 链查查总局|茅台也要做区块链了,年底上线 -股票频道-和讯网 头条 新华社预测区块链三阶段 新华社文章近日谈到了业内预测区块链发展将可能分三个阶段:1.0版针对比特币代表的数字货币;2.0版是产业区块链 CMC货币详细信息 - AllStocks网络 [cmc动态标题] [cmc动态描述] [cmc会员链接] [硬币市场上限详细信息] [cmc硬币额外数据]加密计算器[cmc计算器]价格 Coinsbit将Traxalt添加到其ExchangeBlockchain 360中 360区块链

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